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Mount Everest, or Sagar Matha, is an important part of any vacation in Nepal. Traveling through Nepal, it is always on the horizon, and many people visit Nepal only to climb to Everest base camp.

The frozen body of British climber George Mallory was found near the summit of Everest in 1999, 75 years after his death. Mallory’s body has been there since 1924, and we’ll never know, but I hope he or his climber Andrew Irwin got to the top before he died. Mallory’s famous response to the question of why he tends to climb Everest was simply “because he’s here!”

The famous New zealander Edmund Hillary took part in the expedition in 1951, and in 1952 the climber Sherpa Norgai Tenzing went on a Swiss expedition to a height of 7500 meters. In 1953, a British expedition placed Tenzing and Hillary on top of the mighty peak.

There are some disagreements about the height of Everest and you will surely hear about it during your trip to Nepal. Survey of India measured it several times over the years and rated it at 8,839 meters, and then revised the measurement to 8,848 meters in 1954.

Nepal is 8,848 metres high, and China has measured the highest point of the rock to prevent ice and snow from falling (in 2005) and reached a height of 8,844.43 meters. This may depend on the measurement technique used and the theory that it can move and move slowly to the northeast year after year.

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For those who want to see Everest without the time and skills to climb, you can make a wonderful early morning flight from Kathmandu to Mount Everest and the surrounding peaks while on vacation in Nepal. Thanks to the good visibility, this is a truly unforgettable trip to Nepal. If you are interested in trekking, you can walk to Everest Base Camp while traveling in Nepal. The view of Everest seems to be better along the way before you get to base camp. Therefore, it is not necessary to go to the base camp to have a good view. There is also a shorter “View of Everest” trek, which takes about a week if you travel from Kathmandu to Lukla, so it is very suitable for travelers who only have time for a short trip to Nepal.

Since Everest is located on the border between Nepal and China (Tibet), you can get there from Tibet. In fact, one of the best views of Everest probably opens from the Tibetan side of the Rombuk Monastery or from the base camp on the Tibetan side.

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