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George Mallory coined this famous phrase “Because he’s there” in response to a question about his desire to climb Everest. Words seem almost easy, given Mallory’s deep desire to pursue her dreams.

Asked about the most difficult part of his adventure, Sir Edmund Hillary said after climbing Everest: “Strong motivation is the key to reaching this peak.”

Climbing your own Everest requires nothing less than a deep and enduring dedication.

How do you find this inner decision to focus on your Everest, especially in the face of skeptics and dream seekers, many of whom are your own parents?

The first and most important step is to find your purpose or reason why.

What will guide you through the long dark nights of your struggle?

You can achieve financial independence within five years. That’s good, but why?

Maybe your answer is to spend more time with your family. Ok? Why? You want to share precious moments of life with those who are most important to you. What’s going on? Why? Because as a child, your parents were too busy to spend time with you, and you felt alone and deceived by their company and wisdom. It’s cool. Will he keep the fire in you?

If you do, what will you do? If the answer is no, keep looking and asking questions until the fire burns in your stomach.

Now that you have a reason, a reason, you want to reinforce that commitment.

One successful businessman once angrily told me, “To get what you want, you need to give up something. As a regular enthusiast, I wanted it all without giving up my amenities, hobbies or small but comfortable bank account. I then rejected his words only to allow them to echo in my head until they finally disappeared.

TENZ means – Technology Education New Zealand

One of the biggest obstacles to deep interaction is the reluctance to sacrifice now to win later.

Take stock of your situation and decide what to give up to motivate your commitment.

I refused or reduced the time I spent on many nice things. I made a commitment to read less fiction and read more books on self-development. I realized that I can not maintain a garden and can stick to my goal. I completely gave up TV. The fact that I saved time and effort, I again used to achieve my goal. I expected to lose these things. Instead, I found joy and excitement from new activities that pushed my goal forward.

To continue your quest for your own Everest, you must show a willingness to learn. Passion is born out of knowledge. Light the fire of your passion by studying all aspects of your chosen goal. This opens up opportunities for you that were previously invisible to you. Remember, Edmund Hillary didn’t start climbing Mount Everest from Everest. He began to study his craft earlier, first climbing much smaller mountains.

Create a dream board with a clearly marked target at the top. Then write on the board all about this dream: steps to create photos, articles, newspaper clippings and quotes. Publish anything that increases your commitment to the cause.

Edmund Hillary didn’t succeed alone. Many people helped along the way, especially his Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who stood next to him upstairs. Find other people who share your commitment or dream. Surround yourself with dedicated people, and you will find inspiration in their struggle, the courage of their example and faith in their success.

Like Hillary, focus on the top, and the valleys will take care of themselves.

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