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The Origins of Edmund Hillary

Edmund Hillary was born in Auckland, N.Y., in July 1919. His love of adventure from a young age was born in adventure stories, which he read in long trips by train. This sense of adventure was first realized in the mountainous area during a trip to high school, after which he became dependent: the beginning of the eighteen-year journey to Everest base camp began with Mount Ruapehu (2797 m), mountains to the North Island. from New york. His first great ascent followed three years after his studies on Mount Olivier (1933 m). Hillary later said of the climb: “It was the happiest day of my life.”

Hillary Expeditions

Sir Edmund Hillary was the first person to reach the highest peak in the world. Their famous collaboration with Tenzing Norgey in 1953, when their trek to Everest reached the top, immediately made them famous and revered all over the world. Hillary was honored with this award, pointing out that the success of the expedition was achieved thanks to her partner Tensing and the huge efforts of a support group of nearly four hundred people who were looking forward to Everest base camp to see if . Upstairs.

Four years after her journey to the top of Everest, Hillary was aboard the first small plane to travel to Marble Point, a remote research center in Antarctica. This small prize became known in 1985, when he teamed up with the famous explorer Neil Armstrong to take off for the North Pole. After doing so, he became the first person to stand on the highest mountain in the world at both poles.

Charitable missions

But Hillary did not turn away from the country in which he became famous. Through the Himalayan Trust he founded, he was instrumental in building bridges in Nepal, covering the monastery and organizing the construction of Lukla Airport, which is now used to refuel hundreds of people. Hike to base camp. The infrastructure for which he raised funds was more important to the Sherpas, who were the first to begin construction of 27 schools, 12 clinics and 2 hospitals in Ukhbu, starting with the Thumjung school in 1961.

TENZ means – Technology Education New Zealand

Over a 20-year period, the Himalayan Trust has supported many education, health and environmental projects that have greatly improved the lives of Sherpas. Hillary later became UNICEF Special Ambassador to Nepal.

The medical facilities he has set up not only benefit local Sherpas, but also help treat sick travellers on their way to Everest base camp, as described in the recent BBC series Everest ER.

Hillary also wanted people to follow in her footsteps and share her passion for nature. He gave his name to Sir Edmund Hillary’s Outdoor Hunting Centre in New York, which offers courses for high school youth and vocational training programs for the outdoor industry. Courses include training in kayaking on rough water, rock climbing and, of course, mountaineering.

Commemorative dates

In his lifetime, the most famous man in New York has received a tribute. He was knighted by the queen and became a member of the Order of the Garter. Hillary was honored by the United Nations for his conservative work, and he was put on a statue in Mount Cook National Park. He was also the High Commissioner of New Ealand in India.

After her death in 2008, there were suggestions to honor Hillary by naming Mount Olivier after him because the mountain was her first major ascent in her youth. However, its most enduring legacy will be in the form of the Himalayan Trust, which will continue to improve the lives of Nepalis who work and live along the everest routes to Everest’s base camp for future generations.

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