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“To achieve this look, I like to use the Dior Forever Skin Glow to match the complexion without covering the skin too much.”.” The steaming heat tends to melt the lipstick, causing it to stain and run. Spend 30 seconds applying lip liner to keep the color in permanent lip liner place first. Lipstick also prevents color from migrating to any lines around the mouth. To prevent the lip liner from looking too serious, combine it with your lipstick or natural lip tone, which is the best option when choosing a lipstick or bright shine.

This summer it has to do with clear, moist, sun-drenched skin with warm tones around the eyes. Sabrina Bedrani, famous makeup artist and brand ambassador for Dior Makeup, is about emphasizing the eyes. “It’s about making the face fresh and sticking out the eyes without hard lines,” says Bedrani.

In addition to being summery, “the brightest colors illuminate the face and give a youthful glow to the skin,” says Surratt. If you tend to remain neutral, experiment with just one part of your face, such as a loud blush on the cheek apples, a colored eyeliner or a clear lip color. Don’t forget to keep it light this summer and natural with a color kick. A painted moisturizer instead of foundation, golden lip gloss, some bronzer and a colored eyeshadow.

We often believe that it makes our skin thick and that is why we avoid products such as moisturizing creams, but we do not ignore this step. Choose a day cream with built-in SPF, so you protect and moisturize in one step. Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream SPF 25, our best-selling moisturizer, is perfect for everyday protection. This high-quality anti-aging cream revives and recreates the appearance of a youthful skin by visibly transforming multiple signs of aging. Light bases last a long time without appearing clumsy.

In the case of acne or pimple spots or discoloration of the skin, it can help the corrector so that the base is even seen on the face. You can also use a red concealer to hide black spots on your face. Also apply to tips from viewpoints such as nose, chin and forehead to emphasize the features of the face. Summer is the perfect time to try a lip color that is overshadowed by your comfort zone. The brilliants are not only huge for the season, but are also an instant booster for the mood, giving every look a fun color.

Often as young women who want to show off our style and look good, we are tired and too tired to think about preparing to go out during the hot summer months. One of the biggest concerns about this is the burning heat that can melt our makeup and spoil our appearance. The heat can be very bad for the skin and can also cause sunburn and tanning. That is why the summer season requires a new type of beauty and skin care regimen, which is completely different from our daily makeup. The previous interest is to first use makeup to protect ourselves from the heat and spoil our makeup. That’s why we’re here with summer makeup tips to order how to design and care for your beauty during the summer season.

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