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Hiking Everest 3 Passes is the quintessence of real trekking in Nepal. It is a long and difficult journey that combines some of the highest mountain passes in the world with a hike to Everest base camp, a hike to the lakes of Gokio and two other hikes in the lower district of Hombu.

If you want to describe a hike to Everest with three passes in a word, this is EPIC!


Three passes – a complex track, requiring the highest level of endurance and perseverance to succeed and not lose reason. It orbits Everest and lasts about 20 days.

The trekking trail is quite simple, with the exception of three passes – Congma La, Cho La and Renjo La – some of the highest passes in the world, the height of which is 5000 meters!

The highest point that the trekkers must overcome is 5,535 meters in Congma La, the first of three passes.

With good weather and beautiful views of the Himalayas, the best time for this adventure journey is from March to May and from October to November.

Hiking everest 3 passes can’t be solitary!

You should have a guide/porter with you, as there are many places in remote areas of the Himalayas that you will pass without emergency means. The guide/porter will be crucial to save you if you get into trouble off the beaten track.

This hike can be enjoyed as a trip to the tea house or camping, and can be mixed. You will also need to buy plenty of food along the way in the lodges and guesthouses and bring enough water or supplies to clear the water from the creeks before crossing the passes.

Each pass is passed in a long and tedious day!

Therefore, it is difficult given the altitude, and tourists should be very careful with acute mountain sickness (AMS) and do not get injured during the hike.

For good acclimatization, this hike starts from Lucla, continues towards Dingboche and Chukung, crosses Congma La at an altitude of 5,535 m to Lobuche, then towards the base camp of Everest and Kala Pattar, crosses the second pass – Cho La at 5420 m to reach Gokio, and to the last pass of the track – Renjoy La at an altitude of 5345 m, then in the direction of Theme and return to Namche, finally ending in Lukla.

Travellers must obtain a TIMS (Hiker Information Management System) card and entrance tickets to Sagarmatha National Park, which will be checked at many points along the route.

TENZ means – Technology Education New Zealand


Travellers can claim to have made a scenic flight to and from Luclu, which has a heartbreaking effect on passengers who land and fly out of one of the world’s most dangerous airports – Tenzing Hillary Airport, also known as Lukla Airport.

Everyone on board, even daredevils, begin to pray to the gods of the mountains for safe landing and take-off on a small strip of flat surface (or on what they call a runway!), on top of a cliff with a mountain on one. end and drop 1000 meters on the other side!

The airport was formerly called Lukla until it was changed in January 2008 in honor of the first climbers of the mountain. Everest: Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary.

This airport is the gateway for most travelers and climbers in their aspirations in the Everest region.


Sagarmatha National Park was founded in 1976 AD and covers an area of 1,148 square kilometers. It is home to 118 species of birds and many rare mammals such as snow leopard, cabarga, red panda and Himalayan wolf. The park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 AD.


The base camp (5,340 m) is similar to the tent camp located at the foot of the Kumbu icefall.

However, the atmosphere here is exciting: tourists and climbers have fun with card games, books, guitars and food. In the middle of nowhere there is a mobile bakery serving apple pies, which are considered the best in Nepal. And, of course, mountain views are limited, including the crowded Everest.


The two-hour trek to Cala Pattar (5545 m) allows tourists to enjoy breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of the mountain. Pumori (7,165 m), West Lobuche (6145 m), Nupte Nup II (7742 m), Mount Lhotse (8,516 m), Everest (8,848 m), mountain. Changze (7543 m) and Lobhuche West (6,145 m) with the Kumbu Glacier and Lho La, a pass connecting Nepal and Tibet (China).

The view of Everest from here is so immaculate that Italian scientists have installed the “Mount Everest Webcam” as part of the Everest Share 2011 research project. The camera is used to record video from the summit to gather information about climate change.


Hike to Gokio Ri, which offers spectacular panoramic views of the Himalayas – Cho Oyu, Everest, Lhojie, Makalu, Cholace and Taboche, as well as the Ngozumpa Glacier, the village of Gokio and Dudh Pokhari.

An opportunity to explore the surroundings of Tonak Tsho and Ngozumpa Tsho. And if you have another day or two, add the sixth lake of the Gokio Lakes system – Gyazumba Tsho.

The observation deck of the rascals with a beautiful view of Cho Oyu and the upper part of the Ngozumpa Glacier. To the east are fantastic views to the north side of Everest, Nupce, Lhotse and Makalu.

Visit the monastery of Pangboche, the oldest monastery in the Ukhbu region, founded in the 17th century by the prestigious Lama Sange Dorje. Another interesting fact about the monastery is that it contained the skull and hand of the alleged yeti, which were stolen in 1991. Many Buddhist artefacts, frescoes, statues and dance masks have also been preserved.

The largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the Khombu region, Tengboche Monastery, also known as Dawa Choling Gompa, built in 1916 by Lama Gulu, has close ties to its mother monastery, the Rongbuk Monastery in Tibet.

Learn about the unique culture and hospitality of the Sherpas and learn about some of the values of Tibetan Buddhism.

What attracts adventurers to hike Everest 3 Passes is not only the opportunity to cross some of the highest passes in the world, but also to make some of the best hikes in the world – a hike to the base camp of Everest, which you take to the base of breathtaking Everest – the highest mountain in the world, and a hike to the lakes of Gokio, with an extraordinary view of the turquoise waters and Himalayas!

Hiking through three passes may not require climbing skills, but this is by no means an easy feat. It is a monstrous effort, designed only for brave souls.

Hiking on Everest 3 passes is undoubtedly the best hike for thrill seekers!

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