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May 29, 2013 marks the 60th anniversary of the first ascent to the top of the King of the Mountains – Everest. And that’s a big problem. Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Norgey Tenzing took nine attempts to climb the 29,029-foot-tall mountain in 1953. Since Tenzing and Hillary, only about 2,500 people have peaked at 10,000 attempts. Their achievements are recognized all over the world, and in May 2013 there will be a number of special trips to the base camp and the summit of Everest.

Vacation at Everest Base Camp is among most travelers and even some non-backpackers who aspire to be in good shape to reach the foot of the highest mountain in the world. And so for those who are desperately looking for this majestic place, it is best to do so on the day or week of the anniversary. A group holiday at the base camp will cost you at least 1,800 pounds per person, but the memories are worth it. To mark the anniversary, many travel companies will hold extra activities during the usual 12-day transition from the tea house to the base camp, so you get a little more for your money.

The flip side of these celebrations, of course, is the increase in trekking, but it’s a small price to pay to recreate Hillary and Tenzing’s first steps in the Himalayas on their epic journey. You will probably never reach the top of a powerful beast just by visiting there at this time of memories.

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It’s also a good time to learn more about the Sherpas and their mountain life. Staying in tearooms, eating together and walking with these traditional people is an experience in itself, and it was Sherpa Tenzing who brought Hillary to the top – maybe he’s the hero of both… it’s up to you.

It is best to book a group holiday to travel with Everest sometimes and especially. The benefits of group trekking are pretty obvious, especially when you’re traveling on such powerful things as the Himalayas. Inspiration and unity come from group experiences, and height isn’t so bad when you’re with friends on a trip for life. Make sure you book a room at a reputable company and ask if they are doing anything special on the occasion of the anniversary. To do this, you need to book in advance, so I advise you to book now and no later than September.

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