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While understanding interseectionality is of particular importance for working with families with violence, a liberating framework examines how power, privileges and oppression work within and in all relationships. Liberation practices are based on the principles of critical awareness, responsibility and empowerment. These principles guide not only the content of therapeutic work with clients, but also the process of supervision and training of therapists. Dr. Rhea Almeida, developed the Cultural Context Model as a way to put these concepts into practice through the integration of cultural circles, sponsors and a socio-educational process within therapeutic work. Research also suggests that clients were very satisfied with their marriage services and family therapists. Nearly 90% of customers report a significant improvement in their emotional health and nearly two-thirds attribute it to developments in their general physical health.

In her spare time, Becky loves learning and preparing new food and spends all her time with her three children. He started his consultancy work within the correctional system and delivered therapy to trapped adults. He also worked extensively with minors who have experienced severe trauma in their lives. He is passionate about working with families to achieve growth and problem solving.

Behavioral techniques used in sexual dysfunction are also possible when adapted to the needs of clients. This school was one of the first to be described by people like Ackerman and Bowen. This method is made more contextual and more concise by therapists such as Boszormenyi-Nasgy and Framo. In essence, the therapist understands the dynamics of different family members and the interrelationships of these members. This family ego defense is interpreted for members and the purpose of therapy is to influence emotional vision and go through new defense patterns.

He has worked with children and adolescents with behavioral problems and adults with addictions, depression, anxiety, pain and upbringing problems. He likes to help people develop טיפול משפחתי their own strengths and develop new skills to live a full life. Melissa obtained her Master of Community Counseling from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2003.

Kristen has experience working with teenagers and adults in group environments, individual therapy, family therapy and marriage counseling. His specialty includes codependency, co-processing of mental health and diagnoses of addictions, anxiety, depression, gender issues, pain and loss and relationships. Kristen is delighted to work at Spence Counseling and has the opportunity to work with different people.

Upon completion, the therapist generally negotiates new goals, new tasks, or new interactions with the family that will take place in the follow-up period in the coming months. The family is told to revise these new patterns after a few months to determine how things went and how the family handled conflicts. In this way, the family has a better chance of preserving the change created. Sometimes booster sessions are advised even after 6 to 12 months, especially for families of external stations who cannot come regularly for follow-up. These gain sessions will review progress and negotiate more changes with the family for a few sessions. This follow-up period, after the therapy has ended, is crucial to go through the process and ensures that the link between client and therapist is not broken too quickly.

Family therapists are more interested in maintaining and / or solving problems than in trying to identify a single cause. Some families may view cause-effect analysis as attempts to blame one or more people, with the result that for many families the focus is on causality of little or no clinical use. It is important to note that a circular form of problem assessment is used, especially in systemic therapies, rather than a linear trajectory. This method can help families by finding behavioral patterns, what are the causes and what can be done to improve their situation.

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