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Payment specifications Specifications Contract payment specifications are shown in document A201, under the “General terms and conditions for construction contracts.Document A201 contains forms AIA G701 and IntelliSpeX software review G702. Form G702 requires the contractor to split the offer into different parts of the job. The project designer critically assesses and accepts or rejects the G702 value scheme drawn up by the contractor.

They monitor the project from start to finish and help you achieve the best return on your investment. Construction planning is the specific process a construction manager uses to determine how they will manage and execute a construction project, from design to building completion. In the planning phase, you identify all construction activities, design the building schedule and plan your team structure . The construction plan contains the required activities and the schedule for each part of the construction process. Therefore, PDF should be careful step by step with the construction process.

You can be called a construction project manager or construction manager. Some project management methodologies have a different phase for monitoring and control here. The construction manager monitors budget, risk, insurance management and scope using various project management techniques. Examples of KPI are monitoring of efforts and costs, project objectives and results.

The general contractor, not the owner of the property, pays the subcontractors. Materials purchased by subcontractors are generally delivered directly to the workplace. The work of subcontractors can be completed in stages or can be continuous. The fourth phase of the construction process, also known as fieldwork, is the actual construction of the project. Fieldwork is divided into building permits, subcontractors, programming subcontractors, shopping drawings, project shipments and change orders.

This final cost estimate is used in the tender for the construction of a project. This integrated perspective stimulates creativity and the exchange of ideas for possible project variables. The steps we have taken above are a logical representation of a construction project from start to finish. A construction project is a temporary effort that combines different resources. The construction process is a linear process that includes a chain of tasks, tools and decisions. Almost all construction projects are unique, but they all follow the same cycle from start to finish.

Preparing a bid is the first step in the cost control system of a construction project. The agreed bid price becomes the budget with which the actual costs are measured and confronted. The purpose of a cost control system is to provide the general contractor and / or owner with information about the actual costs of the project compared to the expected or budgeted costs.

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