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Although the answer has persisted for more than 60 years since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first climbed Everest in 1953, people still don’t wonder who really first reached the summit – the highest on Earth. We have a picture of Tenzing with flags when Hillary was taking pictures. Hillary, too, was appropriate to take a picture, as he clearly felt more comfortable with the camera.

Perhaps as stunning as the achievement itself, none of them has been covered by the media throughout his life, claiming that he is the first to rise to the top. While it seems that Hillary has repeatedly hinted that he was the first to reach the top before Tenzing, some doubt that this is the right thing to do. It seems that Tenzing did not bother to explain this, as he was from Nepal and being a Sherpa was a simple and very down-to-earth man, and fame was the last thing he thought of. Although Hillary was a New ealander, the country still had close ties to the UK at the time, and it was natural for him to maintain the stiffness of the upper lip, as most Britons would have liked. And he was soon knighted at the coronation of queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Most people still do not believe that they both reached the peak together, as the media wrote then, because for two people it is almost impossible to climb Everest side by side, especially at the top, and someone has to reach the summit to reach the top. another in the above case. If Edmund Hillary boasted that he was the first to reach the top, there was a chance that people and the media sided with Tenzing, as this was his second ascent to Everest, the first was a year earlier with the Swiss team that was with him. just 250 metres from the summit before the ascent was cancelled due to a faulty oxygen tank. Thus, it helped to silence the entire episode of 1953 and to state that they both reached the top together, because mountaineering is a team effort, as the British team leader said at the time.

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Climbing and high altitudes are only natural for people living in the Himalayas, and most of the Everest Sherpas, such as Tenzing Norgay, took care of their family’s needs at the time, not fame. So to this day it is not surprising that the first to reach the top in most expeditions is not a member of the appropriate team, but a Sherpa, who is ready to earn money and help them. . Each successful ascent to Everest, at least one or two Sherpas reach the summit by default. There is even a great climber on Everest, Apa Sherpa, who has reached the summit of Everest 21 times.

The big question is, is it important to know the truth now, given that Hillary and Tenzing are long dead? Or is this a good time to find out, because the truth won’t hurt any of them, because they both have expired? Of course, these feelings can harm parents and citizens in their countries, but the truth will bring more satisfaction than receiving vague answers.

I’m a Nepali, so I want to say that Tenzing was the first to climb to the top, not Hillary. Since there is no evidence, such as photography or a living person (in this case Hillary and Tenzing), we can only weave the theory. As the world slowly took the devastation caused by the aftermath of World War II, Britain found the best opportunity to declare victory again. So soon they announced that one of their citizens (the queen Elizabeth is still in charge of New zealand) for the first time in history has reached the highest place on the planet – and not. German, Swiss or American. . elsewhere. Recall that the Swiss and Tenzing Norgay a year earlier lagged only 250 meters to reach the top.

I guess Tenzing was asked to say that Hillary and Tenzing both reached the top together, which he calmly accepted, because Tenzing Norgay wasn’t looking for fame at all. For him, nothing is more important than to peacefully retire and live a happy and happy life, not trying to earn a living again. He would like to leave the worldly affairs to himself. It didn’t really matter to who came first.

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